MixTape Support

David Preece Mar 09 Front Page

There have been some reports of shaking/shuddering on the UI on 1.2.13. If you're affected please lodge a ticket at support@atomicdroplet.com.

David Preece Mar 09 1 Front Page

If you've bought via a promo and are reinstalling, you don't need your license key any more - just the username and password you set up when you first ran MixTape. Use this installer for best results :)

David Preece September 06, 2013 Front Page

Unfortunately the "as shipped" disk image has a bug relating to failed net connectivity. The fix is simple: Download the new disk image, do the drag to applications thing and try again.

Obviously let me know if this doesn't help you.

David Preece April 16, 2013 1 Front Page

In 1.2.10 you can now fine tune timing tabs while they are being used to either "place" or "use" the beat grid. It even works live :)