MixTape Support

David Preece Jul 25 Front Page

To cut a long story short: I've cut my working week at my 'day' job down to three days a week so I now have some time to fix MixTape bugs. I'm getting through the tech support backlog. However it seems, at this time, like further development on MixTape is just not going to happen.

David Preece Mar 09 Front Page

There have been some reports of shaking/shuddering on the UI on 1.2.13. If you're affected please lodge a ticket at support@atomicdroplet.com.

David Preece Mar 09 10 Front Page

If you've bought via a promo and are reinstalling, you don't need your license key any more - just the username and password you set up when you first ran MixTape. Use this installer for best results :)

David Preece September 06, 2013 Front Page

Unfortunately the "as shipped" disk image has a bug relating to failed net connectivity. The fix is simple: Download the new disk image, do the drag to applications thing and try again.

Obviously let me know if this doesn't help you.

David Preece April 16, 2013 1 Front Page

In 1.2.10 you can now fine tune timing tabs while they are being used to either "place" or "use" the beat grid. It even works live :)